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Thinking of boarding your loft? These are the advantages and disadvantages Posted On 23 June 2022

Many of us may turn to this solution when searching for that much needed extra space


Boarding up a loft can be an ideal way of generating that bit of extra space that you have been searching for at home.

The process of boarding up a loft is securing flooring across the beams in your loft to give it more support in order to be able to safely store items.

While putting boxes of stuffed toys and gifts from family members that you just do not have the heart to throw away carefully balanced on the beams in the loft may feel like a temporary solution, considering the pros and cons of boarding up a loft space is important.

We have done the hard work for you and found the issues you may face when doing this and what advantages it will bring to your life, to allow you to make the decision for yourself.

The main advantage is clearly the additional storage space.

A loft space mirrors the footprint of your home so will be a massive space in order to store the bits and bobs you have had to cram into every nook and cranny you find around the home.

A great exercise can be going room to room and filling a box of items that have just been placed in cupboards and on shelves because you do not have any other place to put them.

Moving these into a safe and secure loft area that has been boarded up can declutter your home and enable you to transform your space.

Boarding up can also make your loft more accessible.

Instead of just cramming boxes around the loft hatch as you are worried about venturing into along the beams, you can now use the full space.

However, remember to take your insulation into consideration.

If you squeeze down insulation to add boards over the top, then heat will be able to pass through and escape from your home.


This can be tackled by adding stilts along the existing beams and boarding on top to allow room for the insulation to not have to be squashed down. 

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